Thursday, October 28, 2010

Possible Hair Colors, Skin Tones and Eye Colors for Clears

Here are the possible Clear Winter/Spring hair colors, skin tones, and eye colors for people all over the world.

Clear Winter

Hair Color: Black, medium to dark brown, ash brown.

Skin Tone: Deep beige, cocoa, deep brown, light or neutral beige, "porcelain". All skin tones usually have a translucent quality. This simply means there is a natural shine or reflective quality to the skin. It does not look dry, but is radient. This not a result of using oils or lotions. It is naturally that way.

Eye Color: Bright, sparkling, clear, or intense; blue, violet, emerald green, light hazel (blue and brown or green and brown), gray, black. The whites of the eye are usually very white.

Clear Spring

Hair Color: Brown-black, medium to dark golden brown, blond.

Skin Tones: Brown-black, light-medium brown, bronze, deep warm brown, caramel, light ivory, light peach. Again all skin tones mentioned have a translucent quality.

Eye Color: Bright, Clear, sparkling or intense; brown-black, hazel (golden brown, green and gold), turquoise blue, green, topaz. The whites of the eye are usually very white.

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