Thursday, November 4, 2010

Possible Hair Colors, Skin Tones and Eye Colors for Softs

Here are the possible Soft Summer/Autumn hair colors, skin tones, and eye colors for people all over the world.

Soft Summer

Hair Color: Dark ash blond (mousey), light to medium ash brown with blond or gray, ash brown, soft black.

Skin Tone: Cocoa, rose-brown, beige, rose-beige, light to medium neutral beige, freckles.

Eye Color: black, grey-brown, soft hazel, gray-green, rose-brown, brown, soft teal, medium to dark brown, gray-blue.

Soft Autumn

Hair Color: medium blond or bbrown, golden blond, brown-black, brown, mahogany, If hair is golden blond or medium brown, there may be some red, gray, or golden blond highlights.

Skin Tone: Light brown, bronze, freckles, ivory, neutral beige.

Eye Color: Brown-black, hazel, brown, gray-green, medium to dark brown.

Some people may have little contrast in their skin, hair, and eyes if light skinned. Others may not, although there may be little contrast between skin and eyes only. In any case, there is an absence of strong color. There are usually freckles and the skin may be opaque.

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