Thursday, October 21, 2010

Color Analysis - Black Hair Color

When it comes to color analysis, is everyone with a black hair color automatically a Winter or a Deep? It is easy to come to this conclusion, but the fact is that not everyone is a Deep Winter or a Deep Autumn because they have black hair. This is especially true for people of Afican and Asian ancestry, because there is a tendancy to assume that we are all winters. I gave my experience in a post entitled My First Experience with Color Analysis.

So if you are of African or Asian decent and you want to see a list of possibilities for each color category, I will make a list in my next post. I got this list from the book Always in Style by Doris Poser. She divides all people of the world into three very general sections; Caucasian (which includes all Europeans), African-American (which includes all people of African ancestry), and Asian. Even though the categories are very broad, this has helped me to find my true coloring.

In the posts to come I will look at each category but I will name each broad category of the world's peoples differently; a) African  b) European  and c) Asian. Now there are some people who not believe that they are Africans, Europeans, or Asians because they live in a different country. So I have to make myself clear so that everyone will understand that this is about color and not nationality.

When I say African, I mean those that have what society calls "black" skin. More accurately this should be called brown skin. So this includes everyone and I mean everyone wherever they are in the world that has brown skin. It could be from dark chocolate brown to a very light brown (known as beige). It does not matter, this category is African.

When I say European, I mean those that have what society calls "white" skin. This again is not accurate, because nobody has white skin unless you are white like white paper. So for the sake of understanding this category is termed European.

Last but not least, when I say Asian, I mean those that have what society calls "yellow" skin. Again, this is not accurate if you know what the color yellow looks like. This category is particularly tricky, because what countries does Asia include? You will find people there who like they are of african decent. Most times when society says "yellow" they mean people from China, Korea, and Japan. If you are darker or are closer to a brown skintone, I  guess you can examine both the African and Asian Category to see where you fit best.

My next post will be about how to see color and skin tones so you can understand where I am coming from.

Peace to all!

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