Thursday, November 4, 2010

Possible Hair Colors, Skin Tones and Eye Colors for Cools

Here are the possible Cool Winter/Summer hair colors, skin tones, and eye colors for people all over the world.

Cool Summer

Hair Color: Medium to dark ash brown, silver, dark brown, black, brown-black.

Skin Tone: Cool beige, soft blue-black, cocoa, rose-brown, rose-beige, gray-beige, pink, beige.

Eye Color: Gray, blue, gray-blue, gray-brown

Cool Winter

Hair Color: Brown, blue-black, salt and pepper, silver gray, black, dark brown.

Skin Tone: Rose-beige, rose-brown, soft blue-black, cool-beige, clear tan, dark brown, beige skin may be sallow.

Eye Color: Charcoal, gray, blue, black, gray-brown, rose-brown.

If you are a Cool Winter or a Cool Summer, there are no red or gold tones in your hair. There are also no gold flecks in the eyes.

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