Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Color Analysis - Color Palettes for All People

When reading books on color analysis, it seems as if only people with lighter skintones are featured more than people with darker skintones. It's not that they do not have information on what will work for those of us who are darker, it's just that you don't see it featured along side the others. If we are featured at all, it's always one or two at most. So I decided to use what information I have to show how people with different skintones fit in each category. I will be using the categories Deep, Light, Clear, Soft, Warm, and Cool.

If you are Deep, you may be a  Deep Winter or a Deep Autumn.

If you are Light, you may be a Light Spring or a Light Summer.

If you are Clear, you may be a Clear Winter or a Clear Spring.

If you are Soft, you may be a Soft Autumn or a Soft Summer.

If you are Warm, you may be a Warm Autumn or a Warm Spring.

If you are Cool, you may be a Cool Winter or a Cool Summer.

There is also a system where two seasons are combined. So you may be an absolute season like Winter, Summer, Spring, Autumn, or you may be a combination of any two. So I will do my best to tackle both as both systems are my favorite. There is another reason why I will do both. One method may work for some people and the other system may not work for others. The sources I will be using are as follows:

 Color Me Beautiful

Color Me Confident: Change Your Look - Change Your Life!

 Color Me a Season: A Complete Guide to Finding Your Best Colors and How to Use Them

Always in Style: The Complete Guide for Creating Your Best Look

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