Thursday, November 4, 2010

Possible Hair Colors, Skin Tones and Eye Colors for Warms

Here are the possible Warm Autumn/Spring hair colors, skin tones, and eye colors for people all over the world.

Warm Autumn

Hair Color: Auburn, red brown, dark golden blond, red, medium golden brown, brown-black, chestnut, dark brown.

Skin Tone: Golden beige, bronze, mahogany, golden brown, ivory or warm beige. May have freckles.

Eye Color: Dark hazel, teal, olive green, deep brown, warm brown, brown-black.

Warm Spring

Hair Color: Light golden brown, golden brown, red brown, light to medium red, strawberry blond, deep golden blond.

Skin Tone: Bronze, caramel, light brown, golden brown, golden beige, ivory. May have freckles. Skin may also have a translucent quality (meaning natural shine)

Eye Color: Warm brown, topaz, blue-green, teal, clear hazel (golden brown, green, and gold), warm green, turquoise.

For both categories, overall coloring is warm and very golden in appearance.

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