Thursday, October 28, 2010

Possible Hair Colors, Skin Tones and Eye Colors for Deeps

Here are the possible Deep Winter/Autumn hair colors, skin tones, and eye colors for people all over the world.
Deep Winter

Hair Color: Black to dark brown, dark auburn, dark brown, light to dark gray, brown-black, blue-black, steel gray,salt and pepper.

Skin Tone: Ebony, vanilla bean, blackberry/plum, dark chocolate, "blue-black", deep brpwn, rose-brown, bronze, "olive", beige, coffee bean, cool topaz brown.

Eye Color: Dark brown, brown-black, hazel, rich green or olive, black, red-brown, brown.

Deep Autumn

Hair color: Dark brown, chestnut, auburn, red-brown, rich brown, black, medium to dark brown, medium to dark red, light to dark gray.

Skin Tone: Light to dark honey, copper, golden brown, black-brown, rich "olive" (tan), rich light golden brown, golden beige, ivory.

Eye Color: Golden brown, dark olive, hazel green, black-brown, green, medium to dark brown, black.

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